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Planting seeds….

Planting seeds is a leap of faith.  The average price of a packet of seeds is between two and three dollars so what have you got to lose?  Start with some tried and true plants.  Seeds you can try this fall are beets, and carrots. Make a raised bed or plant in the ground in a sunny well drained area.  Last year I grew a variety of carrots and beets and here is some of the harvest.  One nice thing about these vegetables is they don’t take up a lot of room and needed little care as they grew, just some weeding.  There was adequate rainfall during the fall/winter months…so no watering was needed.  Carrots can be planted from September through February and Beets can be planted starting in November and you can plant a crop each month just like carrots until February.  You can harvest the carrots as babies in 60 days or leave them in the ground and harvest in 75 days.