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Pond Construction II

Once you have a solid grasp on the basic concepts of pond construction, we suggest becoming familiar with some additional construction techniques that will enhance the aesthetic as well as functional features of your pond.

Concrete Collar Technique

One of our favorite methods of pond construction is the concrete collar technique. The benefits of this technique are:

• Ideal for soft soil areas, very deep ponds, or soils with a high clay content that tend to shift (Houston)

• Leveling is accomplished before rock work is installed, eliminates need to constantly check levels as you are laying rock.

• Prevents you from digging the pond larger than planned.

• Prevents cave-ins along the sides

• Safe firm edges

• Allows you to raise the pond above the existing grade thus preventing runoff from heavy rains from muddying your pond.

Although a concrete collar is not required for pond construction, it is an example of how a little extra effort pays off. The collar gives you a nice firm platform on which to lay in the stonework. Not one visitor to your pond will stand back and admire your pond; right on the edge is where they will be. A concrete collar guarantees a stable footing.

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