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Pottery is weird……

new pottery 001 new pottery 002 new pottery 003 new pottery 004 new pottery 005 new pottery 006 new pottery 007 new potterynew pottery 008Here is a request that we would love to  to fulfill  “Can you get this pot in a different color, size, texture etc….”  And the answer is unfortunately no, even if you had loads of money to spend it is still near impossible to get the exact pot you desire.  Here is why:

There is no warehouse in the United States where we could order in a pot of your choice— Nelson’s IS the warehouse!

Pots are heavy, large, bulky and breakable and shipping costs for one pot can exceed it’s price.  To keep cost down we order in bulk by the container.  Last year due to the Longshoreman strike, our pottery sat out in the Pacific Ocean on a ship for months.

The best pottery comes from Asia. The  factory owners are an independent lot, they may produce the same pot for years and then suddenly for no discernible reason decide to make something different.  It’s a what you see is what you get situation and even then we will have surprises when the pots finally arrive.   There is no guarantee that we can get the same pottery from year to year (but we still try!)

So having said all that here is the new pottery that came in this past week.  I know it sounds self serving to say this, but if you like it, then buy it because there is always a good chance we may not be able to get it again.