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So we are all a little sick of the rain…or at least I am.  I mean, I have two kids aged 5 and under and the CABIN FEVER is real y’all.  Plus there are moth sized mosquitos, and humidity that does not do nice things to my hair.  But that is neither here nor there.  BUT, I must give props to the rain for making my yard look awesome!  Trees and bushes that have been stagnant for the last few years have hit an all time growth spurt!  Flowers are blooming, grass is so green and plush!  It is pretty dang sweet….and I have not had to lift a finger!  The HOURS I spent watering last year…poof, done!
BUT…I forgot one minor detail.  All my potted plants!  All my beautiful, gorgeous flowers….and herbs….and veggies grown from seed….they are now crispy critters.  You would think that by now I would learn my lesson.  You know, with a landscape design hubby….in laws who own a nursery….common sense.  Nope.  But surely I cannot be the only one?  Maybe just maybe this will make one of you feel better that you are not alone in your plant annihilation!
Guess now I have a good excuse to go buy some new plants for the yard….good thing I know a great place to get them!
What happens when you forget to water...

What happens when you forget to water…