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Rain, rain….thanks!

So the weather this week looks like it is going to be pretty crummy.  If you are like me, my first knee jerk reaction is “UGHHH….WHY?!…I am going to be stuck inside…I have things to do…the kids are going to get stir crazy…”  etc.  Ok, breathe.

Honestly, I love the rainy days.  If I am being TOTALLY honest, it is partially because I am (a little, sometimes) lazy.  YES, there I said it….another dirty little secret.  Bur really….rain waters EVERYTHING!!  I live on 2 acres, so a full on irrigation system just is not practical.  I am our irrigation system.  SO, when Mother Nature wants to pick up the slack for me and knock it all out, then HIGH FIVE Mother Nature.  Plus I scattered some wild flower seeds recently and this will DEFINITELY help those little guys along!  And in between showers I may throw out a bag of weed and feed on the lawn.  HEY, gotta take advantage of the rain while it lasts!

Last but not least….PUDDLES.  Are there any parents of young kids out there?  Throw some rain boots on them, open the door, and release the beasts (I mean little angels)…they will WEAR THEMSELVES OUT!  Seriously, my kids could jump and splash and occasionally roll in these puddles for hours!  I mean…I really don’t see a downside to all this rainy weather business do you??