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Roasting Marshmallows

I’ll never forget a visit to Great Britain where each night, we were served an after dinner coffee along with an elegant tray containing a selections of chocolates and other sweet treats.  One night it was a small white puffy item.  What is this?, we all wondered   A brave American popped one in his mouth, his eyes widened, a he exclaimed in surprise, “It’s a marshmallow!”  At which point all the Americans broke out laughing while the Brits sat there in puzzled silence, wondering what is so funny.  Marshmallows are to us are a common ordinary outdoor picnic food, to the British they are special desert treats.  No matter what perspective they are delicious, especially roasted.  Roast some with us at our Friends and Family night Saturday, July 2nd  6:30 to 8:30pm.

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