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Seven to Twenty-Seven

When I was 7 my parents Anita and Rolf decided to open up Nelson Water Gardens and Nursery or NWG for short. I had no idea the impact it would have on our lives at the time, how could I was only a little kid. I remember coming with my parents to the store the smell of the mulch, freshly planted nursery stock, waterlily blooms, and soil, and thinking why a garden store. I was not much of a gardener when I was younger…I think watering crops for three hours during the heat of the summer may have turned me off a little bit. Speaking of watering I HATED IT!! We propagated all of our bog/marginal plants and still do, and it was my job in my younger years to help with the watering. My now husband worked for Nelson’s when he was in high school and loved to water! He liked taking a break from the tough work of hauling soil, moving plants, and making cuttings. (mind you I was terrified of my future husband at the time because he was soooo much older than me (3.5 yrs) and knew my older sister. Amazing how growing up changes your perspective.)
Here is how my perspective has changed since I was seven…twenty years makes a huge difference. I love to garden and I can even tolerate watering now. Working in a small business is great! Nelson’s is a place where we can be creative and unique and be inspired. My favorite part of working here is seeing all the amazing creative and unique things that You Our Amazing Customers have created. Please pull out your phones when you come in and show us your pictures, share it on our Facebook page, and email us your stories. Thank you for the twenty years of great memories and stories and I am hoping we can continue to share our Gardening, Water Gardening, and Fountain projects for many more to come.