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SHARPEN YOUR ELBOWS LADIES!! (Gentlemen puff up your chests)

There is a buzzing excitement outside of the doors of Nelson Water Gardens July 3rd 2017…..You can smell the scent you have been waiting for since last year…you know the smell. It’s the smell of sweat, hotdogs, and best of all a SWEET SWEET DEAL! THE DING DANG SALE is back! We close at 6:00 and prepare for the great race to the ding dang section (located at the back of the property). The clock strikes 6:30pm and the doors spring open! You rush through the showroom, no time to say hello it’s GAME TIME! HOLD YOUR ELBOWS HIGH AND WIDE!!! No one is going to get that perfect pot, pump, or decorative item at 50% off but ME…. I mean you! (I’m stuck at the register green with envy at the deals that you are getting out there without me….I’ll just eat another hot dog to drown out my sorrows)

I’m kidding about being upset! I’m super excited about the Ding Dang Sale this year I honestly think it’s our best one to date! So many great buys at deep discounts and did I mention the hot dogs you get to eat after you do your clearance shopping. What other store does that! Not only do you get Great Deals but you get the Great American Hot Dog!

Again Friends and Family Night/ Ding Dang sale is July 3rd starting at 6:30-8:30, we are closed July 4th but the sale continues July 5th till the ding dang items run out.