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Watching the news I see that a huge winter storm has hit the East Coast right during spring break.  I really feel for all those folks, the storm has reached down to the South too.  All the people who traveled to the Gulf Coast for warm weather have been confronted with 40 degree temps instead of balmy 70’s and 80’s.  Such is life during the transitional season of Spring.  Spending time in the garden, you can literally feel the epic struggle between the North and South winds.  But eventually it all settles down and we’re into the hot, humid days of summer.

We’ve been blessed with plenty of rain and that’s good for everyone.  Here’s my suggestion for you (and yes it is somewhat self-serving) shop at Nelson’s in the rain.  It’s inconvenient and messy and uncomfortable but you can’t be in the garden anyway so why not?  Since few people come into our store when it’s raining we can give you our undivided attention!  Then after the rain you are ready to roll, no need to waste time shopping for plants, they are ready and waiting for their new home.  One of the best times to put new plants in the ground is after a rain because they will establish quickly.

Looking forward to seeing you this spring and talking plants!