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Snoop Dogg and Water Gardening

Do you ever have super bizarre work dreams? Well the other day I had the weirdest dream work dream ever.

I went to NRG stadium for the Snoop Dogg concert (in real life I’ve only been to two concerts…I’m not a concert person at all least of all a Snoop Dogg one. I probably couldn’t tell you a single song of his). I was standing in line to get my ticket scanned and Kevin Hart walks in and everyone goes CRAZY! I just stay in line to get my ticket scanned and just leave the poor man alone. Well I guess Kevin notices my wonderful upbringing and treating him like a normal human being and he calls out to me. “Hey you, I like you come sit in the VIP section with me.” So I go to the VIP section which for some reason is behind the stage and sit a few rows back from Kevin Hart.
In front of the stage is a beautiful movable water garden that Peter and Eddie created for NRG Stadium. There was a plaque saying it was created by Nelson Water Gardens & Nursery. Snoop Dogg goes on stage for a microphone check and sees the water garden and just loves it. He asks a random guy sitting in the row in front of me if he was one of the Nelson’s. I jump out of my seat and raise my hand “I am, I am one of the Nelson’s!”
“We need to talk at the end of the show because I need one of these dope A.. ponds.”
Then the show started with Celine Dion as the opening act and I texted Peter to get down to NRG right away because Snoop Dogg wants him to build a pond for him.

I woke up before Peter and I got to meet with Mr. Dogg at the end of the concert. Makes me wonder why dream about Snoop Dogg of all celebrities to request a pond built by my big brother. But hey you never know what may happen in real life.

Have any of you had wonderfully odd dreams about work?