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Spring Sprang

Spring sprang this week, at least officially, here in South Texas spring arrived weeks ago.  Have you started gardening yet?  Now is the time, especially before it gets hot and humid.  It’s time to lay down the foundation of the garden; tilling the soil, working in compost, planting and topdressing with mulch.  One you have done this further maintenance will be minimal.  The mulch will suppress weed growth and the compost will slowly release nutrients for plant growth.  This past February we built new veggie garden beds and after planting tomatoes, marigolds, peppers, and eggplant we topped off the beds with pine straw.  So far so good, the plants are rooting out and no weeds (yet?)  Why did I plant Marigolds you may ask?  Marigold help prevent nematodes from infesting your tomatoes and besides they look pretty.

I’m hoping that someone will correct my grammar!