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Success! Failure :(

I just harvested my first cantaloupe from the garden!  It was sweet and delicious.  From one $1.99 plant I will harvest 6+ cantaloupes which cost $2-3 at the grocery store, score!  I also harvested 20lbs of potatoes all from starts that a customer gave me–thanks!  It was the first time to grow potatoes and so easy, I plan to put in a crop this fall.  Also from seeds collected from a butternut squash purchased at the grocery store I will harvest 6+ squashes!  Are you impressed?  OK, then let me tell you about my failures.  The zucchini and yellow squash all died, don’t know why.  My peppers are diseased with bacterial leaf spot which is supposed to be fatal.  I have been faithfully picking off the diseased leaves every day.  They look green but hardly any foliage, luckily they have produced a bunch of peppers so after I harvest I plan to experiment by cutting them back.  Maybe just maybe they will grow back disease free.  If they don’t I’ll yank them out and cover the bed with black plastic to kill off any bacterial spores.