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Tagging onto Anita’s Post

In high school and college I was in a lot of organizations which meant I went to tons of meetings. At the beginning of many of these we did ice breakers to get to know each other. One common game was two truths and a lie, this is where you would say two true things about yourself and one lie and the group decides which is a lie. I would always use these: My mom was born in Okinawa Japan, I am a World Champion Karate sparer, and I play the clarinet. Do you know which one is the lie?? Everyone would guess that mom being born in Okinawa was the lie, their reasoning I did not look Japanese. Well they were wrong, you don’t have to be Japanese to be born in Japan. In 2008 I was the World Champion Karate sparer for the blue belt division. I don’t play the clarinet, I play the saxophone. Fun times! Thanks Mom for giving me a great fun to use for party games.