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That Darn Bird

Recently, a gas station, a senior home, and several strip stores have popped up around Nelson Water Gardens causing several wildlife families to move. We have an incredible number of bright green anole lizards hanging out all over the property. It has been very fun/scary to move plants and pottery with these little guys waiting to jump out at you. The Nelson’s staff is full of animal lovers and we have “adopted” a stray cat who hangs out by our storage shed. I love the lizards and the cat but what I don’t like is the Great Blue Heron that has moved in next door. This Heron believes that our fish tanks are a buffet specially set up for an easy breakfast….lunch…and dinner. So here is how we have gotten this pesky bird to move out! First we cover up our tanks with netting every night… but as I said he stops by for breakfast and lunch…so we have also hung up mirror strands and set up bobbing fake birds. The mirrors reflect light and confuses birds and herons along with other birds of prey are territorial so the fake Heron helps intimidate the live one to leave and find other places to hunt.  IMG_0224