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The amazing Eggplant

This was not the year to vegetable garden for me and I kinda sorta let it go to pot!  However, two veggies never noticed my absence; eggplant and okra.  Folks, I NEVER watered the garden this past summer and yet both plants (along with a bunch of weeds) survived  and are now supplying the Nelson Family!

The year I was expecting our daughter Emma (now 17 years old) I let our water garden go to pot!  Short of keeping it filled with water I did nothing.  The waterlilies survived and so did the fish (you can get away with not feeding fish if you don’t have a high population, which I did not).  The waterlilies did not bloom as much and the leaves got really small but next year after dividing and adding fresh soil we were back in business!

Sometimes we forget that plants are sturdier than we think!