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The Day of the Momma….

HECK YES!  It is Mother’s Day!  Not that I don’t tell my mother(s) on a regular basis how much I love and appreciate them….but now, being amongst them, I get it!  Mommin’ can be hard work!  Most days I feel like I am doing it all wrong and am going to ruin my children for the rest of their lives….sigh!  Surely it is not just me?  Right…?  I am getting off track.  I get it now, that having a day for those you love to tell you that you are doing a pretty ok job – it feels kind of nice!  Now…if we are talking about what I really WANT for Mother’s Day…like insider information into a mom brain…..yeah, gonna go with sleep.  Totally hands down, snoring and drooling sleep.  It’s not pretty…I get that, but that is the honest truth.  Seeing as how I have two little people in my house and one currently in my person, sleep MAY not be the most realistic “gift.”  Ok, second on my list is time together as a family!  And you know what….my husband is AWESOME at making this happen (total husband brag because he deserves it!!).  Without any hinting or prompting from me, he built us a new arbor and patio space by our fancy (blow up) pool!  He knew that this summer we would be more limited getting out and about, you know with new baby and all…so he took that idea of “what would make our time together easier and more enjoyable” and built me (I totally mean us…) this amazing patio area to provide me shade and a spot to watch the bigger kiddos play (until I am able to get in and join them).  It made such a huge improvement to our yard, and will be so helpful once school is out and baby is here!  Happy Mother’s Day to me!!