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The Pioneer Woman

A few blogs ago I mentioned that Karie and I would be going to a book signing with Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman. We went last Friday and boy was she the most down to earth wonderful person ever! Her super supportive husband Lad lovingly referred to as Marlboro Man by Ree also made the trip to H-Town. My husband Nick teaches Ag Science and would have loved talking to Lad and thanking Ree for all the extra pounds I put on him with her wonderful recipes but he was training this LDE team (or that was his excuse not to listen to Karie and I gush over how excited we were the entire drive there, waiting in line, meeting Ree and post meeting Ree high we were on at dinner.) Lemme tell you it was a great event and I have a new bookstore to go to The Blue Willow Bookshop on Memorial and Dairy Ashford.
Then we had the most amazing Pho at Pho Crab I highly recommend going there if you are a Pho phonatic like Karie and I!

The last picture is of Thor! I babysat him last Friday while Karie went to Aggieland with her niece Rylee who works for us on the weekends.

Last thing is a huge shout out to the Houston Astros! Way to go! I don’t follow baseball but when I do it’s the Astros and during the World Series.