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The Three Amigas!

My favorite movie as a kid was “The Three Amigos” with Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase (it is a must see comedy classic).
Does anyone Carrot all about my blog or is it just dilly.
Nelson’s has our own comedy trio of plant ladies. Tedri, Connie S. and Connie H. are the experts on nursery stock and aquatics.

Tedri w TomatoesTedri (or T) may be a platinum blonde but don’t let that fool you she knows her stuff!  She also is great for advice on disappearing fountains.
IMG_0609Connie S. where or where to begin…. Well, Connie has a sharp wit and is always good for a laugh. Great with plants, I go to her for advice on what to put where in my garden and they are just perfect.

IMG_0606 Connie H. or Classic Connie is the best and I mean the best at plant arrangements. Here is the custom planting of shade plants Connie did for my front door.