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The Three R’s

Take time to Relax, Relate, and Release.
This past weekend Anita and I surprised my sister Anne for her birthday in Baton Rogue. On the way there we were talking about Mattress Mack, Jim McIngvale, who spoke to the Texas Nursery Man’s Association a few months ago and his tips about how to live a balanced life while owning a business. He said you need to take time to Relax, Work on Relationships and find a way to release. This weekend I accomplished all three of those R’s. I got to relax with people I have wonderful relationships with and was able to release my pent up stress.

If you ever find yourself in the Baton Rogue area go visit St. Francisville it is a wonderful small town with cute shops and friendly people. Anne took us there for lunch at Magnolia Cafe and between the amazing food and wonderful conversation I couldn’t have been more content and happy. Then we went across the street to one of my favorite places in the world….a bookstore! I am an avid fantasy and mystery reader and it is a wonderful release to escape into another world and place in a book. The store is called the Conundrum and they have something in common with Nelson Water Gardens…. They have a shop dog named Buster!!! He even wore a teal collar like George wears to work. I hope that the feeling I had in that bookstore is how you feel visiting Nelson Water Gardens. I felt welcomed, comfortable and truly enjoyed talking with the staff about books and other topics.

Buster My newest nephew Silas