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Third Time is a Charm!

Third time is a charm!  Or is it three strikes I am out?  I guess that remains to be seen!  Well, I finally bit the bullet and started my annual herb and vegetable garden.  I MAY have let them sit in a box on the front porch for about three weeks before actually planting them….but they are now officially official in their pretty little pots on my back patio.

AND only two did not survive their brief vacation on my porch.  Not for lack of love…apparently I just loved them (and watered them too much).  Who knew that was such a thing?  I drowned my poor Romaine and Spinach.  I tried my best to revive them, but unfortunately once root rot has set in (that is the technical term for smothering your plants with love), it is very difficult to reverse.    I allowed them to dry out, to allow the roots to breathe, but they have passed to the other side.  They have been replaced with new Spinach and a mint.  I hear that mint holds up well to damp conditions, but that too remains to be seen.  I will let you know how that works out!  In the mean time, the rest of my plants are thriving!  Go me!