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Tiny Gardening

Tiny Garden Who doesn’t like tiny things…there is just something so cute about something that fits in your hand. I am really excited about all of these cute planters that you can put tiny succulent plants into! Succulents are great because you barely have to water them that mean little to no maintenance for me…YAY Easy!
My younger sister Emma (I say younger because she is 10″ taller than me and little just doesn’t work) is headed off to college in the fall. She has been in the business of gardening since the day she was born and to think she won’t have a garden to tend to at school just breaks my heart. Enter in these great tiny gardens and WALA she is not long deprived of the wonderful gardener life. So if you are in a dorm room, small apartment, have a ledge that needs a cute tiny plant, Come out to Nelson’s we can help you brighten up a tiny space with a cute little garden. 😉