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The Tiny House Movement

I’ve become obsessed with watching the Tiny House shows on HGTV which air on Monday nights.  I’m fascinated just how much you can cram in to an 8′ w x 24’l  x 13.5h space.  I love the innovative, creative and downright clever ideas and solutions generated by tiny house people.

If you have a tiny house then don’t you need a tiny garden?  The best plants for tiny gardens are tiny succulents.  They need little care and little water, we’ve even included an eye dropper to illustrate how to water them!  If you don’t have sunlight and can’t grow any plants at all the second picture has some ceramic succulents and an air plant.  There are also lot’s of whimsical containers that can be used for your tiny garden.  tiny garden 002 tiny garden 003 tiny garden 004 tiny garden 005