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Updates on Pots and Waterlilies!

I’ve got news for you all about Waterlilies, Pottery and where the heck things are now! We have a small but nice selection of Tropical Waterlilies the colors are blue, pink, purple, and white in the 7qt size for $49.00 and the 19qt size for $72.00. We are still doing the SWAP program where you bring your old lily in for $20.00 off of a brand new one. If you love the one you have we also offer repottings (Except on Sundays) $30.00 for 7qt and $45.00 for 19qt.

OH BOY OH BOY! New pots are here!! It takes us a little time to transfer all of them into the sales yard but we do have some new ones out. I’m especially excited about the new Silver Gold finish. We got the Zen Frogs, Buddha Heads, and Cat Statues again this year, they have already made it out into the sales yard.

Come check out all of these items and our new look this weekend! We made some major changes to the inside of the store and outside. The pumps have moved into the room by the old door to get outside and the fish food is now with all the pond chemicals in the front room.

The gifts now make it feel like you are walking down the red carpet to the outside of the store, I feel so fancy. I think we should host a Garden Gala here…oh wait we are on April 21st and 22nd!