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Water Water Everywhere

We have gotten so much rain this past week and may be getting more :-(. The Nelson Water Garden Family hopes everyone of you made it through the flood with no damage to minimal damage. If any of you did have damage you are in our prayers and we hope you have a speedy recovery. Thank you to everyone who could make it to the Garden Party this past weekend. Saturday’s beautiful sunshine was much needed for cheering up our spirits here in the Houston Area.
The plus side to the rain…yes there has been a plus…. I have been able to completely neglect my veggie garden and it has exploded with growth. My Juliet Tomatoes have begun to take over and actually killed one of the pepper plants. The cucumber manage to escape the Juliet by growing up the stairs of my second story porch.I’ll tell you all about how in the world I ended up with a porch that meets up with my roof next week and show you some great pictures of my dogs Rory and George.