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We’re Back!!

img_0885Hello Everyone!
Anita and I are back from our adventures! Boy does it feel good to be home…except the weather the weather stinks. So I have to tell you that going to the Olympic Peninsula was WORTH IT!! If you get a chance to go to Seattle, Port Angeles, Forks, or Victoria GO! I have never seen such beautiful hanging baskets as I did in Seattle. Anita and I stopped to admire and take pictures of some which caused groups and groups of people to stop and admire them too! (win for the plant world) I know they stopped because of us, I overheard them saying that they didn’t even notice these till I saw those ladies taking pictures.
In Victoria we went to the famous Butchart Gardens, talk about Flower Overload!! So many amazing blooms and color combinations..things we dream of growing here on the Gulf Coast but just can’t 🙁 I was not very impressed with their ponds but it is harder to grow lilies there. Here are just a few pictures from our adventures. img_0978 img_0983-effects img_1004