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What to do in your Veggie garden.

This is probably the last week to get your tomato transplants into the ground.  Plant them now and they will reward you with plenty of tomatoes before our first freeze in December (if we have one).  For the most fruit production, choose the smaller type tomatoes such as the cherry and grape varieties.

It’s also time to plant more peppers and they will too, will reward you with lot’s of fruit.

We will start getting broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, lettuce and cabbage transplants will start arriving in October and can be planted at that time.  All of these vegetables are winter hardy and grow and produce for you until spring!

So what can you do now?  Prep your beds by adding Nature’s Way Leaf Mold Compost, just an inch or two on the top can make all the difference in the size and quality of your homegrown vegetables.