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Winter Gardening

If you saw my garden you would give a sigh of relief……”Oh I see, Anita lets her garden go too!”  Yes, I am embarrassed about my vegetable garden, it’s a weedy mess!  Same on me!  My only excuse is that I have been training for a grueling hike across the Grand Canyon this Fall.  But when that is done, I’m going to tackle the garden and it will be interesting to see how things do when planted late in the season.  I’ll keep you posted….

In the meantime, for all the cooks out there have you found that it is difficult to find Sage?  That is until Holiday Season.  If you like to use sage as a seasoning, why not grow it and have it available year round.  By sheer laziness I found the perfect way to grow it.  Sage likes it hot and dry.  I bought a 4″ container of sage, took it home put it on top of a pot of soil and forgot about it.  Months passed and I noticed gray-green foliage, upon further investigation I found the sage had grown through the bottom of the 4″ and into the pot below.  This has created the perfect growing conditions for sage, looks weird but it works!