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Add the sound of water to your landscape

Water is pumped from a hidden reservoir buried in the ground, through the fountain piece and then seemingly disappears back into the ground.  With our NWG Pre-molded Reservoirs, installing a Disappearing Fountain is easier than ever!








Disappearing Fountains can be created from nearly anything.  Traditional choices are decorative pots, statues, fountains or waterfalls.  We even created a Disappearing Fountain from a trash can just to prove our point.Our huge selection of pottery gives you a huge range of options to choose from.  No matter what style, color, shape or form you are looking for, there is a good chance you’ll find it at Nelson Water Gardens!  We have installation instructions for the Do-it-Yourself customers, or we can deliver and install your fountain for you!  The first step is making a visit, and falling in love with the things that sing to you!  We’ll take care of the rest.
If you ever have issues with your disappearing fountain first go through the Checklist for troubleshooting disappearing ftn. This helpful PDF will give you tips  and tricks to solving reasons why the fountain may not be working.