You have a friend in the garden

Your garden should be an escape from the demands of daily life. We are here to help you make that a reality. Whether you're a brown-thumbed beginner, or an experienced garden veteran, you'll find what you need here in our gardens: workshops & events, expert support, flowering and aquatic plants,
exotic fish and pond supplies, pottery & statuary and disappearing fountains. Or, if you prefer someone else do the heavy lifting, our expert landscape design services are here for you . Each and every one of us at Nelson Water Gardens are committed to helping you enjoy more satisfying garden experiences.

Anita Says

Spring Sprang

Spring sprang this week, at least officially, here in South Texas spring arrived weeks ago.  Have … [Read More]

Mary's Musings

The Plant Assasin

Rain Brain

So we are all a little sick of the rain...or at least I am.  I mean, I have two kids aged 5 and … [Read More]

Nelson Know How Helps You Get Things Growing

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