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Pump Options

Nelson Water Gardens carries a full line of pumps for all your fountain or water gardening needs.  We stock a full range of pumps from 25 gallons per hour up to 9,000 gallons per hour!  Regardless of your application, we’ve got a pump for you.

For Disappearing Fountains, we have a full range of magnetic drive pumps from Pondmaster.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what size pump you need based on the size of your fountain feature and the effect you are trying to achieve.

For ponds, filters, streams, and waterfalls, we also carry an enormous selection of Hy-Drive, Direct Drive, and In-Line pumps from Pondmaster, Little Giant, ShinMaywa, Whitewater, and Premier.

In addition to pumps, we have all the fittings, valves, tubing and clamps you’ll need to get to work!

Magnetic-Drive Pumps

Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Utility Pumps have been designed to handle virtually any application where water has to be moved.  They have been fulfilling the needs of professionals and hobbyists for years with efficient, quiet, and reliable 24/7 performance.  Pondmaster Utility Pumps are ideal for almost any pond application.  With only one moving part, a ceramic impeller, and an epoxy-encased power unit, there’s never a fear that it will contaminate the water with harmful oils or chemicals.  Available in pumping capacities from 250-1800 Gallons Per Hour.  This is the go-to pump style for almost every disappearing fountain installation.


Hy-Drive Pumps (Asynchronous)

Atlantic Water Gardens TidalWave2 asynchronous pumps deliver professional-grade performance in a retail product. Perfect for pond and waterfall applications, these pumps deliver high-volumes with direct-drive performance and magnetic-drive efficiency.  Available sizes range from 1900-6000 GPH.  Our Bog/Stream/Pond in the “Your Backyard” display here at the shop is powered by the 6,000 gph pump in this series.  We use these pumps for medium size gravel bogs, and medium size waterfall features and streams.


Direct-Drive Pumps

ShinMaywa (Pronounced: Shin-May-Wah) Norus submersible pond pumps are one of the most reliable and durable products sold in today’s water garden market.  The pump features a seamless stainless steel exterior casing, corrosion resistant Poly Amide Fiber reinforced base and top housing, and an air filled, continuous duty motor with cast aluminum bearing housing to provide better heat dissipation and structural integrity.  The Poly Amide Fiber Reinforced vortex impeller provides superior durability over ordinary ABS resin impellers.

These waterfall pond pumps have ultra-long life spans, low operating costs and proven reliability. They offer the durability you need while also adding beauty to your backyard water garden.  These pumps are ideal for very large streams or waterfalls where you need to push a very large amount of water, or over a very long distance.





Which Pump is Right for me?

That all depends on your specific application.  There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing your pump.  What type of feature is the pump going to power?  Is it a waterfall? A filter? A pottery fountain? How big is your feature?  Those are all questions you need to have answers for before you select a pump.  The proper size pump will be determined once all other design and construction decisions are finalized.  Here is a helpful article to help you determine which type of pump you might need, as well as what size.  Of course, once you have some base information to start from, you can always come in and speak to our knowledgeable staff at the pump desk and they’ll get you squared away!

Choosing the Perfect Pump